Some of the ingredients I use in some of my handcrafted soaps.

The Oils and Butters I use are extracted from the seed, nut, kernel, or fruit of various plants and are both natural and or certified organic from around the globe.


 I have carefully selected these oils and butters for their traditional and therapeutic values, as well as having superb moisturizing properties. Science has validated what has long been known in parts of the world that these oils are rich in specific essential fatty acids properties and natural vitamins with rejuvenating and healing properties.


What makes handcrafted soaps unique is that it is much more moisturizing to your skin than store bought soap which has had the natural glycerin stripped and sold to personal care, and cosmetic, pharmaceutical, pet food industries and for nutritional supplements.


These fantastic oils and butters are generally cold-pressed and can be directly applied to your skin.

​ Lorna /Artisan Soap Maker & Jewelry Designer 

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I make handcrafted soaps

Handmade soaps are made in small batches from scratch and hand-poured.

I use the highest quality natural raw ingredients;

olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and skin safe colorants.

Soaps are scented with fragrance oils or essential oils.

Homemade soaps for baby showers, weddings / bridal parties, and birthdays. 

Great for all types of skin.


I also make jewelry

View my jewelry collection made with precious metals, gemstones, and pearls.

I use the finest materials.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, just like my customers.

on orders over $150.00

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