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I have been a freelance artisan jewelry designer for many years.

I take great pride in creating each unique piece.

I pride myself in high quality workmanship, gained from many years of

bench work and jewelry classes.

It began as a Christmas gift for my daughter, who wanted a bead making kit.

Like a typical eleven year old, she got bored.

Then I picked up beading as a little hobby and couldn't put it down.

In 2006 I started studying at a well-known jewelry making school

where I continue to take classes to perfect my skills.

My work is primarily made from natural pearls and semi-precious gemstones.

I offer a blend of limited production and one of a kind jewelry.

I create what I dream and love what I do.

My unique designs usually come to me in dreams and are also inspired

by the gems and stones themselves.

I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thank You

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